Meet Brett Cohen: The (Fake) Celebrity You Didn’t Know You Knew

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OMG, it’s Brett Cohen! That’s what these people were thinking when this guy walked through the streets of NYC. Little did they know that he was actually pulling the best prank ever. (Although all of these pranks and funny videos are pretty awesome.) All of Brett’s life, he’d wondered what it would be like to be famous. So one day, he decided to hire pretend bodyguards, assistants and paparazzi and simply stroll through New York. When the camera guy asked unknowing pedestrians about “big celebrity Brett Cohen,” here were some of the responses: “Great future in the movie business,” “very good actor” — for some reason a bunch thought he was in The Amazing Spider-Man?? — “I heard his first single.” Our personal favorites? The group of girls shouting, “Best day of my life!” “I LOVE him.”

Go on and watch it above. It’s impossible not to LOL.

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