Should You See Breaking Dawn? Real People Tell It Like It Is

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We know we’ve been talking about Breaking Dawn for months (since even before we’d seen the trailer), and then hyped it up even more when we actually saw the movie a few weeks ago. But you know what? You can’t take our word for it that it’s awesome. We’re Twihards. We’re biased. So we sent our reporter, Jenny, out on the streets of NYC (at 3am. In the freezing cold. What a trooper.) right after the midnight screening to see what real people thought of the flick. What was the wedding scene like? The sex scene? Is it even worth your time/money?

We’re not telling. You’ll have to watch the vid to see /slash/ the woman who hates everything is hysterical!

Ok, so now it’s your turn to tell it like it is. Did you see Breaking Dawn yet? If so, was it good? Bad? What was the best and worst part? And if not, are you going to after hearing these peoples’ opinions? Okay, tell us everything! Go, go go!

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