Big Time Rush Talk Valentine’s Day Plans and Taylor Swift’s Grammys Performance

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Valentine’s Day is on Thursday, so Teen caught up with Big Time Rush and they told us all about how they’ll be celebrating! We chatted with the guys on the set of their show earlier this week as they shoot the fourth season of their hit Nickelodeon show, and– aside from calling a Teen reader! — it’s safe to say they’ll all be doing something a little different.

When we asked how they’d be spending the day, Kendall Schmidt and Logan Henderson both hilariously dodged the question by pretending to do a mic check. However, Kendall followed up by saying, “We’re working so much that you don’t really have time to develop a relationship enough to be like, ‘You know what? You, young lady, are going to be my Valentine.'”

And even though James Maslow and Carlos Pena are both in relationships (with How to Rock star Halston Sage and Spy Kids actress Alexa Vega, respectively) they’ll each be having a pretty low-key February 14. James told us, “I just started looking for reservations for a restaurant, and on a Monday before Valentine’s Day it’s actually very difficult to get them. So, I might be, um, looking up some recipes.” Carlos also added that his GF was leaving the day before V-Day, but he offered to help James in his cooking venture!

Another topic of discussion? We asked them what they thought of Taylor Swift‘s Grammys performance, in which she took a little jab at her ex Harry Styles. Logan said that it’s “art” and if he was going to date her, that’s something to expect. We definitely have to agree with Logan, since she is so open about translating her relationships to song!

To see what the other guys had to say, watch the video above, and stayed tuned for another EXCLUSIVE BTR vid next week!

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