Big Time Rush Dishes on All Things One Direction!

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Last time we interviewed One Direction, the boys each revealed his favorite member of Big Time Rush. But this time, we turned the tables and had the guys from BTR spill on the 1D guy they heart most. Tough call, we know. (Almost as tough as picking their dating rules. Watch that interview now!) Besides that, Logan, Carlos, Kendall and James dish on their current friendship status with the British-Irish boy band, what it was like touring with them, and who were the biggest pranksters of the group. See, we told you it was all about One Direction.

Watch our latest video with Big Time Rush above!

Who is your favorite member of 1D? Or BTR? Would you like to see them work together again? And would you watch an entire Nickelodeon show dedicated to One Direction?

P.S. If you havent seen it, check out Big Time Rush’s interview on their upcoming tour!

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