Big Time Rush Spill on Their Big Time Tour, Secret Songs & Being The Next ‘N Sync.

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Not gonna lie…we’re really not sure what’s better than having four super hot guys wish you “a Happy Holidays”. Unless those guys are also James, Carlos, Logan and Kendall from Big Time Rush.

We recently sat down with the guys to chat about their new album Elevate, the upcoming Better With U tour and basically becoming the next ‘N Sync. Yeah, they went there. And we just gotta say…we’d bet the last of our babysitting money blogging money on it happening.

Side Note: Isn’t the way Carlos says “tour” totally adorbs? “Too-our.” Yeah, we <3 you Carlos. And we <3 you too James…

Sorry, totally couldn’t resist bringing that one back out! Which BTR guy is your fave? Will you be seeing them on tour this winter? Sound off in the comments!