Beyonce Pulled Off Stage By Fan During Brazil Concert

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Yikes! Talk about a scary moment for Beyonce. On Sunday, the singer was performing to a packed house in Sao Paulo, Brazil when one fan got a little too excited. During her performance of "Irreplaceable" Beyonce bent down to get closer to some people in the front row when one of them grabbed her and pulled her right off the stage! Talk about an aggressive fan!

This could've been a potentially dangerous situation for Beyonce but luckily her security team swooped in and saved the day. The singer popped back up on stage without missing and beat and finished the song! They don't call her Queen B for nothing! Now we would definitely be angry at this fan for acting crazy, but Beyonce? She wasn't mad! After the incident she told her security "It's alright!" Letting the guy stay for the rest of the show. She even walked over to the fan, shook his hand and said, "Nice to meet you. Thank you, I love you too." Wow, would you have done that?

Well, this isn't the first troubling situation Beyonce has had on her tour. A few months ago while performing in Montreal, the singer got her hair caught in a fan! Even then Beyonce kept singing while her team got her hair out. What a pro! Don't you guys just love her? Hopefully the rest of her tour will be incident free. Don't pull performers off the stage people!

So, what do you guys think? Should the fan have been kicked out? Was Beyonce too nice to him? Let us know in the comments below!

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