Watch the ‘Beautiful Creatures’ Second Movie Trailer!

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Breaking Dawn — Part 2 is in theaters right now, so it’s time to think about what to do when the Saga ends. In comes Beautiful Creatures, another fantasy love story based on a YA book. On the set of the upcoming film, star Alden Ehrenreich spoke about being a part of the next Twilight. And if this new trailer (see the first one here) gives away anything, it’s that, whether or not it’ll compete with the aforementioned series, it’ll still give you chills.

In this world, Lena (played by Alice Englert) is a Caster who, when she turns 16, will find out whether her powers will be claimed by the light or the dark. Many suspect the darkness in her… but of course there’s a boy involved. Guess we’ll find out her fate on February 13, 2013. Watch the video above, then tell us if you think it has what to takes to become the next big thing. (Or will that title belong to The Mortal Instruments?)

On Set with the Cast of Beautiful Creatures!