Joey Graceffa Interviews ‘Beautiful Creatures’ Stars Zoey Deutch and Thomas Mann

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Are you ready for Beautiful Creatures to hit theaters on February 14?! It’s still a little over a week away, but while you wait, we’ve got an exclusive interview with some of the movies’ stars — Zoey Deutch and Thomas Mann! Teen’s reporter Joey Graceffa was on the scene during the film’s junket, and got the stars to talk about all kind of different stuff.

Joey starts off the interview on a funny note, asking the stars what creature would they be if they were a non-human creature. Zoey answered, “Somebody in the sea. I love the ocean,” to which Joey asks, “Like a mermaid maybe?” Zoey jokingly replies, “Well, they do exist, so do unicorns.”

Taking things back to the movie — which centers on a young witch whose powers will either be claimed for the light or the dark side — Joey asked which they would want to be part of. What did they have to say? And what kind of super powers would they want? Watch the video above to find out!

Also, make sure you see Beautiful Creatures when it hits theaters on February 14!

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