‘Beautiful Creatures’ Cast Interview With Emmy Rossum, Viola Davis, and More!

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Earlier this week, Joey Graceffa interviewed Beautiful Creatures‘ stars Zoey Deutch and Thomas Mann, but now we’re giving you even more! In addition to Zoey and Thomas, Joey interviewed the rest of the cast including Emmy Rossum, Viola Davis, Alice Englert, and Alden Ehrenreich.

Much like Joey’s earlier interview, he asked these stars what non-human creatures they would want to be. Alice said she would want to be a wolf, while Alden said he’d go with a centipede because of all their legs. Viola, however, went a little supernatural with her pick, saying, “I probably would be a Harry Potter,” to which Joey said, “Harry himself? Viola replied, “Well, he’s a dude so a female Harry Potter.” Great choice!

Joey also asked the cast if they believe in supernatural powers, and Emmy said that while she hasn’t experience anything like that herself, she recently stayed in a possible haunted hotel. Apparently during a trip to Russia, she stayed in the same room Michael Jackson had at one point, and some said they could hear him singing in the shower. Crazy!

For more, watch Joey’s interview above, and make sure you see Beautiful Creatures when it hits theaters on February 14!

Exclusive ‘Beautiful Creatures’ Interview!