WATCH: Video of Bea Miller’s Episode of AwesomenessTV’s Bus Hoppers with Teen Magician Collins Key

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You know Bea Miller for her astounding vocals — YASSS, “Young Blood!” — but, right now, you’re about to witness another kind of *magic* involving the X Factor alum.

Courtesy of our friends at AwesomenessTV, the 16-year-old singer engaged in a magic trick with teen magician Collins Key, via ATV’s new series, Bus Hoppers. The virtuoso has amazed some of today’s top young musicians, including R5 and Jacob Whitesides, so it was only fair that he join Bea while she was on Fifth Harmony‘s Reflection tour. And, lucky for you, we’re exclusively airing the episode!

Get a load of Collins’ ~*sKiLLs*~ above, and prepare to be stunned — just like Bea!

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