Halloween Throwback: Backstreet Boys’ ‘Everybody’ Video!

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We're getting down to the wire on celebrating Halloween, so that means you have just enough time to listen to your favorite spooky songs before Christmas tunes take over! That's right, Halloween songs might not be as abundant as X-mas music, but that doesn't mean we like celebrating any less!

Now before there was One Direction, there was a little band called the Backstreet Boys. And while their smash single "Everybody" might not be your typical "Halloween" song, but the video is sheer perfection. As you may recall, the video has a bit of a movie feel to it, where the guys' tour bus breaks down, and they have to spend the night in a creepy mansion.

In their "dreams" they each dress up as a spooky creature and dance the night away. Hey, that doesn't sound so bad! So, in honor of today, we thought we'd bring back this excellent tune that should for sure make it into your Halloween playlist.

Watch the video for yourself above!


Are you a fan of Halloween music? Or is X-Mas music way better? Sound off in the comments!

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