‘Awkward.,’ Season 3B Trailer (VIDEO)

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Drama. Intrigue. Drugs. Depression. Friendship. Love. Alcoholism. Freeze frames. That pretty much sums up everything you can experience from the Awkward., Season 3B trailer. Val even says it all herself!

But out of all the possibilities, we’re seeing drama with a capital ‘D’ the most as the second half of the season kicks off with the aftermath of Jenna cheating on Matty with Collin at the end of the “Redefining Jenna” episode.

“I love Matty. And it’s not right to hurt the people you love,” says Ashley Rickards‘ character. Does she continue this affair in the upcoming season? Is Jenna’s relationship with her boyfriend, as well as the relationships she holds with her friends and family, going downhill? Looks like it.

Awkward., Season 3B premieres on Tuesday, October 22 at 10:30/9:30c on MTV, but you can catch up on all the pictures from the first half of the third season in the gallery below!