Awkward’s Beau Mirchoff’s Admits That He “Likes the Older Ladies” (VIDEO)

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When we spoke to Jillian Rose Reed last week about her Awkward co-star Beau Mirchoff, most of the convo managed to be about his ridiculous abs. Go figure. So it was really hard to contain ourselves when Beau came into our studio shortly afterwards, because we knew lifting up his shirt would be totes inapprops. So since a touchy-feely ab sesh just wasn’t in the cards for us, we instead asked him some q’s, like which of his co-stars is his dream girl, his secret habit of writing love notes to girls he likes, and the differences between Matty and Jake. Oh, and he dished the deets on his upcoming film as well!

So watch it above, and be sure to watch Beau on Awkward every Thursday at 10:30pm (after Snooki & JWOWW) on MTV!

Are you totally Team Matty now? Which guy on Awkward is your dream guy and why?

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