Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans Reveal The Avengers’ Tactics in The Hunger Games!

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When we had the chance to chat with Chris Hemsworth and his equally-as-good-looking Avengers cast mates, we had to ask him about that little movie his brother Liam is in, The Hunger Games. Have you heard of it? We asked Chris if he was a fan and, in case you can’t make it out from his thick Aussie accent, his response is “Should be, it’s funny you ask. Um.” And then Chris Evans chimes in with, “Hates it!.” We also enjoyed Chris Evans referring to the cornucopia as “that front thing of all the supplies.” Classic.

Watch the video to hear Chris and Chris, and their costars including Scarlett Johansson, debate which of the Avengers would die first in the Games and which of them would.. er, “pound Katniss.”

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