Austin Mahone Releases “Say You’re Just a Friend” Single with Flo Rida

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Now that he’s signed a major record dealAustin Mahone will surely be all over the radio soon enough. And with his follow-up single to “Say Somethin’,” entitled “Say You’re Just a Friend,” a hit album is in the bag. But before a CD is released, get your first listen to the new track, featuring Flo Rida (that guy gets around) above, and make sure to follow along with some of the lyrics below!

Hey hey baby, you’ve been on my mind I knew you for a long time
But I’ve been thinkin’ baby that you should know (oh oh yeah eh uh)
Hey hey baby can we compromise I really want you to be mine
I’ve got a million places that we could go (oh oh yeah eh uh)

I wanna be your everything,
I wanna be the one you need

So tell me where ya been all my life,
Gonna make you mine tonight

Hey baby you, you got what I need
But you say you’re just a friend 
Yeah, you say you’re just a friend

Hey hey baby, we’ve been on the phone
Spendin’ time together alone, 
But every time we talk the words don’t come out right
Oh oh, yeah eh uh


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