Cute Audi Commercial From Super Bowl 47

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Aside from Beyonce‘s epic half time performance and the game itself, millions of people tuned in to see the commercials during Super Bowl 47. As expected, there was no shortage of clever ads this year, but among the 52 original ads released this year, there was one in particular that stood out to us. Our personal favorite was the unique Audi ad.

While many companies go for over-the-top graphics or special celebrity guest appearances, this one kept things simple (though, did you notice the two guys in it were both from Pretty Little Liars?? Chuck Hittinger (Sean) and Shane Coffey (Holden)!), and the results certainly paid off. The ad features a teenager heading off the prom who gets the keys to his dad’s Audi. Pretty sweet, right? Even better is the Audi gives him a new found confidence, and when he gets to prom, he walks right up to his crush and lays a big kiss on her. And even though he ends up getting punched by the girl’s date, it was totally worth it.

Watch the ad for yourself above! What was your face Super Bowl commercial? Sound off in the comments.

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