Flashback Friday: Ariana Grande Takes Us on a Home Tour

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It seems like just yesterday Ariana Grande was merely a Nickelodeon star with bright red hair, but now that she’s starting to reach mega-star status, we thought it’d be fun to look back at her earlier days. It is Flashback Friday after all!

We did a little searching on YouTube, and found this vintage video (it’s only from 2011, but still) of Ariana and her bro Frankie as they give a tour of their home. Well, they technically go to their favorite restaurant first, THEN give the tour. During their meal at Toast, Ariana talks about how long she’s lived in L.A., and how she and her bro moved their together.

After that, they head over to their home where they show us their guestbook (weird), and Ariana gives us a tour of her room. It’s easy to see her obsession with sky high heels started early, as she has a huge collection on display in her room.

Ariana also shares some fun tidbits about the home’s history and much more. To see it all go down, watch the video above for yourself! Do you think Ariana has changed much since then? Sound off in the comments!

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