Katy Perry Told Ariana Grande She “Looks Like the Little Mermaid” And, Wow, Great Call, KP (Exclusive Video)

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So, could Ariana Grande be cuter? We’re not just talking about her amazing red hair, her adorable style, or her sweet girly voice. We’re talking mostly about, well, just her in general. We hung out with Ariana and, yes, she’s just as awesome as you’d expect, guys. See what Ar told us about her new single and upcoming album, her Nicki Minaj impression, and what compliments Bruno Mars and Katy Perry gave her. Yes, it’s ok to be jealous.

It’s all above!

“Put Your Hearts Up” comes out December 20! Are you excited for Ariana’s solo career? Or do you prefer her on Victorious? What’s your fave of Ariana’s song covers? Tell us! Tell us!