Ariana Grande Fights Aliens in New “Break Free” Music Video (VIDEO)

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Hmmm, are we the only ones getting déjà vu after watching Ariana Grande’sBreak Free” music video? Hasn’t Katy Perry done, like, the exact same thing but with fireworks shooting out of her boobs?

Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about the vid! Ari has teased the premiere for quite some time now, but we had no idea what to expect from the final result. And, let’s just say, we definitely didn’t expect this!

Ariana takes the song title quite literally and ‘breaks free’ into outer space to fight aliens and robots. Super Katy Perry, no? In any case, the 21-year-old singer looks GORG throughout, and we’re kinda loving seeing a different, more quirky side of her! 

Check out the “Break Free” video above and be sure to check out Ari’s second album, My Everything, when it hits stores on August 22!

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