Ariana Grande Drops ‘Baby I’ Music Video

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Did Ariana Grande travel back in time? Because her "Baby I" video is straight out the the 90's — and we're loving it! The fun party-themed video features Ariana and some background people dressed in some retro garb that includes overalls and sunflower print. Even some 90's dance moves are thrown in there (she does the "Running Man" around the 2:30 mark.)

One interesting tidbit about the vid? Her ex Jai Brooks helped out during filming back in late July. As you might know, know she's dating Nathan Sykes from The Wanted. We're sure Jai will still check it out!

See some of the song's lyrics below:

Baby I got love for thee
So deep inside of me I don't know where to start
Yeah, yeah
I love you more than anything
But the words can't even touch what's in my heart
No, oh

When I try to explain it I be sounding so insane
The words don't ever come out right
I get all tongue tied (and twisted)
I can't explain what I'm feeling
And I say baby, baby, baby

(Baby I) ooh baby, oh baby, my baby
(Baby I) ooh baby, baby I
All I'm tryna say is you're my everything baby
But every time I try to say it
Words, they only complicate it
Baby, baby

Watch the video for yourself above, and tell us what you think of it in the comments section!

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