To Add To Ansel Elgort’s List Of Talents, He’s Now A Makeup Artist (VIDEO)

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We’ve already established that Ansel Elgort can basically do everything in the entire world. From rock climbing to painting miniatures, his skills are pretty much out of control. And now the 20-year-old actor can add yet another area of expertise to his already long list of hidden talents: doing makeup! Well, kinda…

When Jimmy Kimmel found out that his 12-year-old nice Allison’s favorite actor is Ansel, he decided to give her the surprise of a lifetime. Allison thought she was coming in to get a Halloween makeup lesson by a Hollywood artist, and while she technically did get a tutorial, her instructor was not someone she was expecting. Like, at all!

As if you needed any further proof that Ansel is perfect, just wait until you see the video above!

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