Ansel Algort Shows off Killer Dance Moves at TFIOS Tour Stop

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Ansel Elgort: actor, producer and now… break dancer? Oh yes, you read that right. The 20-year-old The Fault in Our Stars heartthrob, who we’re over-the-top crushing on, showed off his surprising hidden talent while in Nashville at a recent TFiOS fan event. And let us just tell you — he’s really good.

Ansel used to be a trained ballet dancer, so it’s not really shocking that he’s got rhythm in his bones. His Michael Jackson-esque moves are surprisingly spot on, however, and thanks to being backed up by co-star Nat Wolff‘s beat-boxing, he put his sick breakdancing in the spotlight. We watched the video with wide eyes, but we definitely weren’t the only ones — Shailene Woodley was probably more entertained by Ansel’s performance than anyone else! In the video, you can see her jumping up and down, clapping and smiling from ear to ear throughout. So. Cute!!

Check out the entire video above to see all of Ansel’s moves and be sure to catch The Fault in Our Stars when it hits theaters on June 6!

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