Anna Kendrick and Kristin Chenoweth Perform “For Good” from ‘Wicked’ for Trevor Live 2012 (VIDEO)

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We knew from Pitch Perfect and this video that Anna Kendrick has a mean set of pipes. But it wasn’t until we stumbled upon this little gem that we realized just how much of a vocal talent she truly is. Alongside Broadway legend (and frequent Glee guest star) Kristin Chenoweth, Anna nails her performance at Trevor Live 2012, the same event where Darren Criss belted out Katy Perry‘s “Part of Me.”

The video starts out with Kristin introducing the younger star, saying that they only just rehearsed the song that morning and grew very fond of each other in the short time they’ve known one another. She admits, “We were saying today that it was nice to sing together because it felt like we were normal-sized.” (Anna stands at 5’0″ and Kristin at 4’11”.)

Watch the duo slay in this chilling slash goose bump-inducing performance of “For Good” from the Broadway musical, Wicked!

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