The Andy Andy Show: #StarbucksDrakeHands

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It’s time for another episode of The Andy Andy Show! This week is fun-filled so let’s get right to it. First off, Andy talks about last week’s “This or That” and apparently, no one could decide what they liked better (a giraffe eating off a lady’s plate in Africa, a picture that shows lightning and a rainbow all at once, and last but not least, a puppy that’s “dramatic” and “afraid.”)

For this week’s This or That, he’s pitting a GIF from the upcoming Godzilla reboot versus the infamous #starbucksdrakehands. Not sure what that is? Watch the video to get yourself up to speed.

And for this week’s guest, he has Stacyplays aka Stacyana who is BFF’s with Joey Graceffa! The two are always posting gaming videos, and Stacy talks about her fave games and much more.

Also, for this week’s game, Andy and Stacy are both picky eaters, so they have to eat foods they don’t like. Watch the video above to see all that and more go down!

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