Andy Andy Show: MirandaSings Stops By!

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This episode of the Andy Andy Show is nothing short of hilarious! While we do have a very special guest — MirandaSings! — let’s chat about some other stuff first, shall we? Well, last week Andy showed you guys the Hot Dog Legs Tumblr, but this week there’s a HOT DOG WEDDING. Yes, you read that right — hot dog wedding. It’s pretty magical if we do say so ourselves.

Anyways, let’s get to the REALLY good stuff — Andy’s special guest! YouTuber MirandaSings stopped by for Chin Wagging, and we dare you not to crack up during the entire interview. As if that wasn’t enough, Andy gets her to play the cookie challenge! What’s the cookie challenge, you ask? Well, Miranda had to put a cookie on her forehead and attempt to eat it without using her hands!

So, how does she fair in the cookie challenge? You’ll have to watch above to see! Also, stay tuned for another episode of the Andy Andy Show next Tuesday at 4 PM ET!

Andy Andy: Hot Dog Legs!