Andy Andy Show: Hot Dog Legs Tumblr & More!

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Summer is almost over, but we’re sure you guys have seen plenty of those pictures of girls’ legs and a scenic background, right? Well, for the latest episode of The Andy Andy Show, he talks about the hilarious new Tumblr, Hot Dog Legs.

Yes, if you’ve ever thought those pictures of girls’ gams resembled that of a delicious frankfurter treat, you’re not alone. The basic gist is that they post a bunch of the “leg” pictures and mix them up with some actual pictures of hot dogs. We must say, it’s pretty hard to tell the difference!

Other topics on the agenda? YouTuber SXEPhil‘s adorable proposal to his GF and SmoshGamesSohinki stops by for Chin Wagging! For more, watch the video above and stay tuned for a new episode next Tuesday!

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