Andy & Alex Reunite (And It Feels So Good): Andy Andy Show

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For all of you who thought that Alex Gomez was gone for good — we’re here to prove you wrong! For the latest episode of the Andy Andy Show, he’s joined by his old pal Alex from the Andy and Alex Show (via Skype) where they have a bit of a catch up session. Reunited and it feels so good!

However, before that reunion goes down, Andy presents our viewers with some serious subjects. First, for This or That, he pits two of last week’s most viral videos against one another — Ylvis’ “The Fox,” vs. the Twerking Fail video where a girl catches on fire. He wants to know which video YOU like better, so tell us in the comments!

Now, for the part we’re sure you’ve all been waiting for — Alex is back! Yes, though he “died” on an old episode of the Andy and Alex Show, he really just moved to Pennsylvania to attend school. These two catch up on a number of topics, and even play a friendly round of Internet “Rock, Paper, Scissors”! Hint, it’s the same as regular “rock, paper, scissors,” it’s just that they’re doing it…on the Internet.

To see that and much more, watch the video above and stay tuned for a new episode of the Andy Andy Show next Tuesday at 4 PM ET!

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