Andy & Alex Show: New ‘Toy Story’ Short!

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Earlier this week on The Andy & Alex Show, they talked about some controversy over Merida from Brave‘s princess make over, but now they’ve got some more light hearted Pixar news! Apparently, even though there’s already been three films, the creators have decided to release a Toy Story TV short around Halloween titled, Toy Story of Terror. (We guess it’s not that light hearted now that we think about it…)

Anyway, it seems that Andy and Alex are a little hesitant about the newest Toy Story reincarnation, as their worried it will get played out. What do YOU guys think? Other topics of conversation include Freddie W.’s new cat-action video, and much more!

To watch the whole episode, check out the video above, and be sure to tell us your thoughts on the Toy Story Halloween short in the comments!