Andy & Alex Show: Merida’s Makeover Controversy!

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It’s time for another episode of The Andy and Alex Show, but there’s a fun twist this week! In addition to talking about some fun Internet-y things, they’ve debuted a very special member of their fam — a fish!

That’s right, Andy and Alex are now the proud owners of a little beta fish, but need YOUR help naming the little guy! Got any bright ideas for a moniker? Share them with us in the comments!

Aside from that, they talk about a cool video where a bald eagle steals a fish from an unsuspecting guy, the controversy of Merida from Brave’s glamorous make over, the #TheseTwoThingsDontMixWell hashtag and more!

To watch the whole episode, check out the video above, and don’t forget to share your name ideas in the comments section!