Andy & Alex Show: Ugliest Dog Winner!

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There’s an array of topics being discussed on this week’s Andy and Alex Show, so let’s get started! First of all, they chat about a guy who had a straight up crocodile infestation at this hotel pool in Cambodia. Not going to lie, the picture is pretty scary.

Also, it’s recently been announced by Disney and Sony that to combat piracy, they’re making their movies available online so people can watch them at home — for a price of course. Do you think this will help stop people from illegally downloading movies? Sound off in the comments!

Some other topics include a hilarious segment on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon where guys game with their moms, and the winner of the 2013 ugliest dog competition! For more, watch the video above, and check out a new episode of The Andy and Alex Show this Thursday at 4 PM ET!

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