Andy & Alex Show: ‘Pacific Rim’ & Summer Plans!

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It’s time for another episode of The Andy and Alex Show! This week, they’re covering a number of random topics, so we hope you can keep up. First, they chat a little bit about Canada Day (which was on Monday), and Alex refers to it as like Christmas Eve but reverse. We don’t really think it works that way, but whatever!

Also, Alex goes on a pretty random tangent about tumbleweeds. After that, they chat about the upcoming big budget summer movie, Pacific Rim. In case you haven’t heard of it, IMDB describes the plot as: “When an alien attack threatens the Earth’s existence, giant robots piloted by humans are deployed to fight off the menace.”

And last but not least, these two discuss their summer plans. Hint, Andy’s plans involved a trip to the moon! (LOL JK). Watch the video above for more!

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