Andy & Alex Show: Chatting With Overly Attached GF!

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Talk about a very special guest! For the latest episode of The Andy & Alex Show, they’re joined by Laina, aka Overly Attached GF. So, what topics were on their agenda? Viral videos of course! Laina talked to the guys a little bit about how her Overly Attached GF video became an overnight success — literally.

Laina told them that she uploaded the video at night, then when she woke up the next morning, it had already hit 1 million views. Since the video is set to Justin Bieber’s “Girlfriend” Scooter Braun tweeted it out, no doubt helping out those views. Since it’s release last June, the video not only has over 15 millions views, but the “Overly Attached GF” meme blew up the Internet. Not too shabby!

Andy can relate the viral video success, since his “Meg Ryan After Wisdom Teeth” got over 1 million views. To see what else they chatted about, watch the video above!