Andy & Alex Show: Meghan Gives E3 Update!

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We gave you a sneak peek of what Joey, Meghan, and the Smosh guys were up to at E3 on Wednesday, but we’ve got yet another update! On the latest episode of The Andy and Alex Show, Meghan took our Teen cameras behind the scene as she gamed it up at the video game convention in L.A. and shared her experience with our hosts. Looks like she had a great time!

Another topic of discussion for these two was the release of the latest Superman movie, Man of Steel. They talk about the cool special effects, and even compare them to the special effects from the first Superman movie back in 1978. Hint, they’re not as cool.

And last but not least, Andy and Alex chat about British show Dr. Who, and how they’re on the hunt for a new main character, as the actor who plays him now just announced he’ll be leaving after the Christmas special this year.

Watch the whole episode above for more, and tune in to another episode of The Andy and Alex Show next Tuesday at 4 PM ET!