Andy & Alex Show: Justin Bieber’s $5M Party Agreement!

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Ever wanted to go to a Justin Bieber party? If you do — and end up bragging about it — it’ll cost you a pretty penny! For the latest episode of The Andy & Alex Show, our fearless duo chat about Justin’s crazy nondisclosure agreement, which he makes party goers sign.

Basically, Justin has party attendees sign a document that says if they write, blog, Tweet, or say anything about what goes down at the aforementioned get together, he’ll sue you for $5 million! Andy and Alex share their thoughts on that and much more. Makes you wonder what kind of stuff goes down!

Another topic of discussion is Rihanna and Miley Cyrus‘ current flirtation. Miley recently opened up about how she would like to smooch the “We Found Love” singer, and it looks like Rih feels the same way!

To see what they had to say about that situation — and much more, including the name of their new fish! — watch the video above!