Andy & Alex Show: ‘Iron Man 3’ & Diving Giraffes!

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It’s Tuesday, so you know what that means — a brand new episode of The Andy & Alex Show! For this episode, Andy and Alex once again tackled all the tough issues. Their first topic is a hilariously weird giraffe video Andy’s dad introduced him to. Basically, it’s a bunch of computer generated giraffes divining into a pool. While Andy’s dad thought it was pretty awesome, Andy and Alex weren’t necessarily that impressed.

Another hard hitting topic these two take on is the summer box office. Iron Man 3 kicked off the summer movie season last Friday and earned over $175 million — and that doesn’t count how much it made internationally. They also talk about movie sequels, and give you a little history lesson on summer blockbusters and how they came to be. Who said learning can’t be fun?!

To see what else they had to talk about (hint, it involves dogs!) watch the video above!