Andy & Alex Show: A Love Letter to Internet Cats

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It’s no secret that the Internet loves cats, so it would make sense that Andy and Alex love them too. For the latest episode of The Andy and Alex Show, these two are dishing out their love for famous cats, and talk all about our brand new survival game.

Now, we know last week was the 4th of July, but there’s really nothing more American than cats, right? That’s why we pitted 16 famous cats against each other to see who would be the victor. Are you a fan of Grumpy Cat? Or Maybe Taylor Swift’s adorable Scottish fold, Meredith? Andy and Alex breakdown their thoughts and more. Also, you can vote HERE!

Also, in addition to chatting about felines, they’re actually joined by one! Meet Marshall, who is just about the cutest little thing around. For more, watch the video above!

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