Andy & Alex: Funny ‘Lion King’ Clip!

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Have you ever wanted to see a a serious scene from The Lion King edited to make you LOL? Well, you’re in luck! For the latest episode of The Andy and Alex Show, these two are talking about a hilarious clip that has people talking.

One person decided to take the iconic “Circle of Life” opening scene from the Disney movie, and put their own little twist on it. During the part where Rafiki holds up young Simba for the kingdom to see, the person edited it so Rafiki throws him off the cliff! Trust us, it’s funnier than it sounds.

Speaking of Disney, they’ll be releasing a video game that’s similar to Minecraft in the sense that you can build your very own world. Also, the “villains” that pop up here are from Disney movies. We just might have to try that out!

To see what else these two are talking about, watch the video above and stay tuned for a new episode of The Andy and Alex Show next Tuesday at 4 PM ET!

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