2012 American Music Awards: Taylor Swift Debuts “I Knew You Were Trouble” Single; Red Carpet Pictures

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The 2012 American Music Awards are dunzo! What’d you think of all the winners? (Well-deserved? Anyone gypped?) While you mull that question over, there’s one winner/performer who needs a shout-out: Taylor Swift. After nearly a month since Red was released, she’s still crooning all over the place. Except when she took the AMA stage, she performed her new single, “I Knew You Were Trouble,” and it was HOT! No really, that costume change was amaze.

But just because the show ended, doesn’t mean her night did. After the ceremony, T.Swift set off to shoot the video for “IKYWT” with Ashley Greene‘s ex-boyfriend, Reeve Carney. (Guess her and Ash run in similar circles, eh? :cough: Joe Jonas :cough:) Taylor tweets,

For more AMA goodness, check out the red carpet pics below, then make sure to tell us what you thought of Tay’s performance (or the event in general) on our Taylor Swift message board!