Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence Reunite in ‘American Hustle’ Trailer (VIDEO)

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You know how there are those pairs/groups of actors who always star in movies together? You know, like Adam Sandler and Kevin James, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn — that sorta thing? Well, it seems like the same could be said for Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. The trailer for the duo's third film together in less than two years, American Hustle, just dropped, but it's unlike what you've seen from the twosome in the past…

Here's the synopsis: "The story of a con artist and his partner in crime, who were forced to work with a federal agent to turn the tables on other cons, mobsters, and politicians — namely, the volatile mayor of impoverished Camden, New Jersey." See, nothing like Silver Linings Playbook (or Serena for that matter, in theaters October 31).

This is the second time Jennifer has worked for David O. Russell, the director of Silver Linings Playbook, and the first time starring opposite Christian Bale and Amy Adams (who worked with David O. Russell together in The Fighter). American Hustle hits theaters December 25, but you can watch the trailer. Right. This. Second.

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