EXCLUSIVE: Cute New Scene From The Amazing Spider-Man with Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield (VIDEO)

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There is never such a thing as too much Amazing Spider-man-ness. Which is why we have already given you tons of news, pics, and exclusive interviews (uh, well, those are coming soon!). So because we know how excited you are for the movie, we’ve now got an EXCLUSIVE clip to show you of the first time that Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker meet — in the halls of their high school. And our favorite part is definitely Emma Stone’s notebook twirl. So awkward it’s cute.

Make sure to watch the adorableness between Emma and Andrew above, and of course, check out The Amazing Spider-Man when it hits theaters July 3!

Oh, and come back to tomorrow and then again next week for those interviews we just mentioned. We PROMISE you’re not gonna wanna miss ’em.