EXCLUSIVE: ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone on Food, Bunnies and Each Other (VIDEO)

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Whoa. We need to calm down. We are still, literally, hyperventilating from that time that we got to meet and interview Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield for The Amazing Spider-Man. Remember when we asked for your questions? So yes, that actually transpired, and we actually survived.

But now for the details — we spoke with both co-stars about the weirdest foods they’ve ever eaten, why bunnies should totally take over NYC, and what each others’ biggest imperfection is. Oh, and we’ve established that Andrew eats a lot but officially has the strangest food habits EVAH.

Watch the “fantastic interview” (Andrew’s words, not ours, but thanks for the compliment, bud) above, and make sure to check out The Amazing Spider-Man when it hits theaters July 3!