Exclusive ‘Amazing Race’ Clip: Joey and Meghan in New Zealand!

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Joey and Meghan made it through Bora Bora with ease, and now they’re ready to take on New Zealand! Our very own Teen hosts are competing in this season of CBS’ hit show The Amazing Race, and in this exclusive clip from Sunday’s episode, we get to see both of them behind the wheel! There’s only one problem — it’s a manual car, so Joey is a little out of his element!

Driving around in a dirt field, each team member must quickly guide the tiny little car around a swerving course, but together, can’t have over a combined time of 83 seconds. Joey goes first, and gets a time of 46 seconds. Go Joey! While Joey and Meghan are on the course, newlywed team Max and Kate are hot on their trail.

After Joey gets done with his first run, it’s Meghan’s turn! So, how does she do? Are they able to advance to the next challenge? Watch the video to find out how it all goes down, and make sure you tune in to The Amazing Race when it airs Sunday at 8 PM on CBS!

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