Exclusive Clip From This Week’s ‘Amazing Race’!

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Last week on The Amazing Race, Teen hosts Joey and Meghan were totally kicking butt during their fruit stacking challenge, but this week, they’re having a little bit more difficulty. During a trip the market in Hanoi, Vietnam, the teams were instructed to get a list of items, and they all needed to be a certain weight. However, Joey and Meghan not only get some of the measurements wrong, but some of the items don’t match up either!

Fear not Joey and Meghan fans, as this clip doesn’t reveal the status of the other teams. For all we know, Joey and Meghan could be leading the pack for this leg of the race, but are just struggling with this particular challenge. Will they finish up in time?!

Also, Sunday night’s episode is sure to be a shocker, as the Teams face a a double U-Turn, while one team in particular faces some crushing news. What (and who) could it be?! Tune in to The Amazing Race this Sunday at 8 PM on CBS to have all your burning questions answered!

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