‘Amazing Race’ Clip: Joey and Meghan Kick Butt!

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Everyone rejoice — Teen hosts Joey and Meghan have successfully survived another leg of The Amazing Race! And if this clip from the latest episode of the hit CBS show is any indication, they’ll be in the game for quite some time.

During the most recent leg of the race (this time they’re in Bali), the teams are instructed to recreate some kind of fruit and flower structure, but many of them are struggling to do so. However, that doesn’t slow down Joey and Meghan, as they’re dominating the competition!  Other teams that are trying to catch up with them include married couple Chuck and Wynona, as well as hockey playing brothers Bates and Anthony.

In fact, Joey and Meghan are doing so well, dating couple Jessica and John start looking at Joey and Meghan’s structure as an example! However, are the YouTube hosts able to finish first? Watch the video to find out! Also, don’t forget watch The Amazing Race when it airs on CBS Sunday at 8 PM!

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