Exclusive ‘Amazing Race’ Clip With Joey and Meghan!

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Joey and Meghan are ready for the next leg of The Amazing Race! Our Teen hosts are competing in a race around the world for $1 million (!) and we’ve got an exclusive look at this Sunday’s episode! In the clip, Joey and Meghan are the first to finish the detour, and whiz off on a jet ski — in picturesque Bora Bora! — to their next challenge.

The duo had a wild ride on the water craft, as Joey said, “It was an epic ride! I seriously felt like we were in a movie, like escaping from the bad guys.” However, there are a few other teams who are hot on their trail. Dating couple Jessica and John speed on right after them, as well as the hockey players Bates and Anthony, plus the father/son team Dave and Connor.

Who will get to their next challenge first?! Guess we’ll have to wait and see! In the mean time, check out this exclusive clip, and make sure you tune into The Amazing Race‘s newest episode when it airs on CBS this Sunday at 8 PM!

Joey & Meghan: ‘Amazing’ GIFs!