Ally Brooke Talks New Fifth Harmony Album, 7/27, & March of Dimes (VIDEO)

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Ally Brooke‘s been doing a whole lot more than ‘working from home’ lately. Not only is the 22-year-old gearing up for Fifth Harmony‘s sophomore album, 7/27 — dropping May 27, squee! — but she’s currently supporting a worthy cause, showing love for babies of all sizes.

The 4’11” singer was born premature, weighing in at 1 lb. & 14 oz. (For reference, the average weight for an infant is 7.5 pounds, though, “normal” weight starts at about 5.5.) So, she has made it her mission to sponsor those born healthy and those who need their help to survive and thrive via March of Dimes. Along with the foundation’s 13-year-old National Ambassador, Ismael Castrodad, she’s aiming to bring awareness to preterm birth and improve the health of babies.

While she, fortunately, can say that her prematurity hasn’t affected her health throughout her life Ismael, however, can’t say the same — she still draws from her past struggles in her music. She says, “Definitely my personal experiences I do draw from whenever I perform… It really is something personal, especially when we do a ballad.”

Nevertheless, she’s still giving the initiative her all, taking the time to chat with us all about the March of Dimes’ March for Babies.

Of course, when speaking to her about her charity work, we simply had to throw in a few questions about 5H. Needless to say, the girls will NOT disappoint with their next album. “It’s definitely a step up,” Ally says. “We’ve worked with a bunch of different incredible producers and songwriters, so you can definitely expect kind of a new sound, the next level, something that kind of goes a little deeper than anything else we’ve done before.”

Watch the video above for all of Ally & Ismael’s interview!

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