My Day, My Life: Allisyn Ashley Arm Hangs Out at So Random With Tiffany Thornton! (Exclusive Video)

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Oh, the things we would do to get on the set of Disney’s So Random. Oh wait. Never mind. WE DID THAT! Well, Allisyn Ashley Arm did that and she took us along for the ride. We spent a day with Allisyn for My Day, My Life, and got to hang out in the hair and makeup room (we see you, Tiffany Thornton!), Allisyn’s dressing room, and even get a glimpse of a live audience taping of the show. It’s like we were right there with her in Los Angeles…but not.

Check out a day in the life of Allisyn in the vid above! PS, how cute is she!?!?

Do you think Allisyn lives a pretty cool life? Are you a fan of So Random? Tell, tell, tell!

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