‘All the Wrong Reasons’ Movie Trailer Starring Cory Monteith and Kevin Zegers

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Before he met his untimely passing earlier this summer, Cory Monteith kept himself majorly busy. Not only was he one of the key players on Glee, but he also filmed two movies in the past year, one being McCanick, the other, well, you're about to learn more about…

Unlike in the aforementioned project, where the talented actor plays a drug addict recently discharged from jail, Cory switches gears in All the Wrong Reasons portraying a "regional manager of a department store whose marriage is going through some turmoil." According to Entertainment Weekly, his on-screen wife, who works the surveillance cameras at said store, is "still traumatized by her sister's suicide and is struggling with intimacy issues causing Monteith's character to take a greater interest in one of his cashiers, a pretty single-mom."

The flick, co-starring The Mortal Instruments' Kevin Zegers, is tapped for debut at this year's Toronto International Film Festival, along with McCanick. Thoughts on one of his last two films? Tell us anything Cory-related in the comments.

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