Alison Gold ‘Chinese Food’ Music Video

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Hard to believe it's almost been three years since Rebecca Black came onto the scene with her "Friday" music video, and it appears as though they're at it again. Now, as you might recall, "Friday" was written by a guy named Patrice Wilson, who is now debuting his latest song "Chinese Food."

Sung by a young girl named Alison Gold, the song is all about (you guessed it) the deliciousness of Chinese food. The video features Alison at a Chinese restaurant ordering her favorite food (she mentions both egg rolls and chow mein — both delicious) but then things get super weird when Patrice shows up in a panda costume.

The song's lyrics include gems such as: "I love Chinese food/you know that it's true." Deep stuff right there. While we respect what they're trying to do here, we just feel like the magic of Rebecca's "Friday" will never truly be captured again. Remember when they tried to make "It's Thanksgiving" a thing last year? The video garnered 14 million views, but that's nothing compared to the 58 million "Friday" received.

What do you think of "Chinese Food"? How does it compare to the other vids? Sound off in the comments section!

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