Alex & Andy Show: Recreating Wolverine’s Claws

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Have you ever wanted to have claws just like Wolverine from X-Men? Well if you’re skilled like this blacksmith is, you certainly can! For the latest episode of The Andy and Alex Show, they’re joined by SmoshGamesThe Jovenshire where they chat about that and much more.

Apparently, a blacksmith who made weapons for movies decided to take it into his own hands (no pun intended), to make some Wolverine claws. And these claws aren’t just for show — they actually work! In the video he slices and dices into a number of objects including a huge watermelon. Wouldn’t want to mess with him!

Another topic up for discussion? Last week’s SyFy movie Sharknado. Now, just in case you haven’t heard of it, it’s a campy movie about a tornado full of sharks that his L.A. Yeah, that happened. It caused an uproar on Twitter, and there’s even reports of a sequel thanks to Sharknado’s huge Internet buzz!

For more, watch the video above!

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